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Above:  two pictures from the 1995 photoshoot. Taken on negative film using OM1 with 24mm lens and graduated filters to balance the light.
(The nave from the altar yet to be re-photographed.)

Below: the same view of the roof from the pulpit April 2015. Taken with the same lens but now mounted on a Canon 6D DSLR and processed through HDR software.

pulpit wood carvings

resident friends of St Wendreda away from their nests in the churchyard chestnut trees
the tower from Church St with red honeysuckle at right

1997 :  the tower viewed from Church Street


(using Noblex rotating lens panoramic camera)


(taken with 1932 Voigtlander Inos II camera on Ektachrome film)



remarkable never-to-be-repeated sunset lighting



these days this much snow is rare


(taken with vintage c.1930 Agfa Standard camera with Trilinear lens)

2008  :  from the cemetery gate













(taken with a 1932 Kodak No.1 camera with a Zeiss Tessar lens mounted on a Canon 6D DSLR)


the gargoyles on the south porch




St Wendreda's Church seen in infra-red light


April 15th 2015  :  Haloed steeple






20th April 2015













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