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The Hansart Monumental Brass

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monumental brass dedicated to Kathryn Hansert, wife of Anthony


"Here lyeth Katryn wife to Antony Hansart syst to ye Robard
Southevelt knight and counceler to ye Kyng Henry ye VII  and to
Kyng Henry VIII on whose soules (1Hn) have mercy Amen

Which Katyn died ye 7 day Septemb Adm MV +VII

(Adm MV+VII being Anno domini 1507 : what appears to be '1Hn' is unclear but ought to mean 'may he'.)

('Southevelt' is Southewell given that Kathryn is wearing the Southewell coat of arms)


Katherine wears the coat of arms of the Southewell's of Nottinghamshire :   the Southewell coat of arms   "Argent three cinquefoils gules each charged with five annulets"

The Hansart blazon is "Gules three mullets Argent":   the Southewell coat of arms

Anthony's arms are more elaborate still. His tabard shows the mullets (fallen stars denoting Divine quality bestowed from above 'whereby men shine in virtue')

being caught by three gauntlets dexter (left-handed mail gloves). The gloves and the eagle each have a crescent, denoting a second son.


The age of the child shown is unknown and may even represent a baby or stillborn child. If so that, in turn, might suggest Katherine died in childbirth.


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