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the Font



The font and Hansart monumental brass.


the Hocking memorial in its surroundings with the marble Sheppard memorial of 1802 above          the Hocking memorial in close up


The Hocking memorial.


the Hocking memorial plaque



musician with shawm ( north side 2nd from left)


musician with shawm beneath St Bartholomew



musician with clarion


musician with clarion beneath St James the Great (north side 3rd from left)



                            St Wendreda


St Wendreda ...... and in alternate lighting


Below: saints and angels viewed from the bell-chamber:


the Devil (north side 1st in from the E wall above St Philip



St James the Great with staff & book                 St Stephen carrying the stones of his matyrdom and a book

                St James the Great with staff & book (north side 3rd from left                                                        St Stephen carrying the stones of his martyrdom & book (north side 1st from left)




l to r : lower half of the Christ (portative organ); St Peter (key) (pipe & drum); St Simon (harp) (flute); St Philip (loaf of bread)(flute); St Wendreda (Rebec) 

Previously photographs like this could only have one saint in sharp focus. Now it's possible with a Photoshop technique to combine multiple images and so have them all sharp.

(My apologies to the little guy peeping in at right - I missed him!)



l to r : Queen Etheldreda (crown & book)(rebec); St Matthias (flute)(portative organ);  St Jude (boat)(harp); St Paul (sword & book)(pipe & drum); lower half of St Mathew (globe)(clavicymbol)


 St John blessing his cup with the head of the snake emerging                 Virgin Mary

Now we know what to look for the serpent's head can be seen in the view from below although, in reality, it is so dark it's unlikely any in the congregation would see it.

The figure at left depicts St John blessing the poisoned chalice given him by the priest at Ephesus to test his faith.

the serpent's head emerging from St John's cup

Viewed from the Ringing Chamber the serpent's head can be seen emerging from the cup.


 The figure on the right is described on the plan as 'Christ Glorified with crown'.

This identity must be questioned. All the saints, musicians and guild angels have male hair in three locks as we see here.

This figure with the crown is unique in having long wavy hair, as well as what appears to be what we might politely call a bosom.

Also the dress is styled differently to the saints, hanging in four folds identical to Wendreda's.

Conclusion: surely this must represent the Virgin Mary?


St John seen from the ringing chamber                   Virgin Mary seen from the bell chamber


St John and the Virgin Mary viewed from the bell chamber. The snake can clearly be seen emerging from John's cup.




A Guild sponsored angel : does the box he carries denote a brick maker?


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