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Voigtländer Perkeo with 75mm f4.5 Vaskar lens and 8-speed Prontor-S shutter

Perkeo viewed head on

lens no. 3263030 indicates year of manufacture as 1951


Picture Gallery:

Gael on Clough Head New Forest watering hole with cattle expanse of heather seen through birch trees, New Forest   looking back along the ridge, Causey Pike, Lake District
Gael on Clough Head New Forest watering hole New Forest heather Causey Pike

 Perkeo instruction manual cover 

Brothers Water beyond dry stone wall and sheep view south to High Stile from Sail the track through avenue of trees to Binsey  autumn leaves along Fen bridleway Cassie and Gael sitting by bridleway
Brothers Water view south from Sail the track to Binsey autumn leaves Cassie and Gael



1951 Voigtlander Perkeo


1952 advert for Perkeo 1

click on the advert to enlarge and read it

cost £25 8s 10d in 1952 (see advert) = £545 relative to 2009 RPI  =  £1620 compared to 2009 average earnings

with 5-speed Pronto shutter £22 11s 6d = £484 relative to 2009 RPI = £1440 compared to 2009 average earnings.

case £6 7s 6d = £137 (RPI), £406 (av. earn)

(2010 comparisons not yet available)


Where to find the Perkeo lens serial number and so date it:
lens: showing location of serial number Voigtländer lens serial numbers with 1951 highlighted



the Perkeo compared with a 35mm SLR 
SLR/Perkeo comparison: front view SLR/Perkeo comparison: side view
SLR/Perkeo comparison: both in camera bag
I can slip a lightweight 6x6cm medium format camera into my bag alongside my 35mm outfit.
They're complementary. The SLR acts as both rangefinder and exposure meter for the folder.


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