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photographs taken with this camera bought by my late father, then aged 20, in the local chemist shop in South Shields for his first voyage around the world in 1937


aboard his Ellerman Hall Line ship passing through the Gatun Locks, Panama Canal, 1937



leaving behind the Gatun Locks (centre), Panama Canal, 1937



bunkering (taking on coal) in Wellington, New Zealand

most Ellerman Hall Line ships were named "s.s. City of .........":      which one is this?

(the terrible fate of another Ellerman Hall ship, the s.s. City of Cairo, can be read here)


~ ~ ~


in the Atlantic aboard the S.S. Vaclite, February 1939:



winter in the north Atlantic


in the Caribbean aboard the Standard Oil tanker M.V. Edwy R Brown, 1940:

 officer on deck and the ship's twelve-pounder gun


later that year, on convoy duty to and from Halifax, Nova Scotia:

1940: convoy duty ~ the Edwy R Brown at anchorage Halifax, Nova Scotia


untitled: presumed to be the oil tanker Edwy R Brown loading at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1940


1940 convoy duty in the Atlantic: captioned "a head sea"


8 Nov 1940:  the tanker James J. Macquire, having hit a mine in the Thames Estuary, being taken to dry dock for repair



Home  >  Kodak Collection  >  VP127  >  Dad's Voyages

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