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Advertisements for Kodak Autographic film

picture from 1919 advertisement showing girl writing on Autographic film on a Kodak 1A camera


text of 1919 advertisement for Kodak Autographic film

1919 advertisement for Kodak Model 1A Autographic camera



this from the 1918 Country Gentlemen journal:

1918 advert: 'Prove It With A Kodak' - three youngsters by a river, girl writing on Autographic film#

"Every negative can carry the date and title, made on the film at the time. It's all very simple with the Kodak system."

Advertisement on the back cover of the June 22, 1918 issue of The Country Gentleman with an illustration that shows the girl writing on Autographic roll film through an opening in the back of the camera. In effect it's the world's first databack.


Curious to know more, I googled 'The Country Gentleman' and so found this collection of front covers from 1918:

front cover of the June 8th 1918 Country Gentleman journal
January 5th January 12th June 5th - nearest to the Kodak date May 14th October 15th

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