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1940's Kodak  Special Six-16


Kodak Anastigmat Special 127mm f/4.5 lens

Compur Rapid shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/400th seconds.

The camera uses 70mm wide 616 film which was discontinued (along with 620) in 1984 so, in order to use it, the camera has to be adapted with new spools and side runners to reduce the picture width to the 60mm of 120 film.

616/120 spool conversion

That done it will produce panoramic format negatives 106mm x 56mm.









Price comparisons: 

KODAK VIGILANT Six-16 Camera 1939 to 1942 $42.50

($526 CPI, $990 unskilled wage)

                               KODAK MONITOR Six-16 Camera 1939 to 1948 $48.50

($406 CPI, $713 unskilled wage)

price of Special Six-16 as yet, unknown, but it would be greater than the above

however, Kodak History lists original price of the Super KODAK Six-20 Camera 1938-1944 as $225.00

 ($3200 CPI, $6914 unskilled wage) ........ could this be it?


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