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Compur shutter s/n 2026514 =1932  :  Zeiss 10.5cm f6.3 Tessar lens s/n 831589 =1927

What of the curious disparity of the serial number dates? Could this be a case of Zeiss selling off old surplus stock from, say, their Cocarette model, to Kodak?

(Acquired 14th July 2014  :  Bid price 16.99 + 4.50 postage = Total 21.49)



The No.1 mounted on the Canon 6D.

The elastic bands, as well as an internal mask to prevent between-camera stray light fogging the image, could be said to make this the Mk.2 version.




One of the initial trial shots taken across the garden from my conservatory door. Hand held (i.e. no elastic bands to hold the two cameras together!) while struggling with focus.

Several shots were taken, this being the sharpest. Considerable flare prompted me to make the between-cameras mask.



Detail at 100% (18in x 12in print) from sharpest plane of focus. Somewhat grainy due to original being both underexposed and having considerable flare.

Recovered with 100% Clarity in the Adobe RAW processor.



The first shot taken in the churchyard. Handheld. Struggling as I was with the push/pull manual focusing I took two shots.
Once in Photoshop I saw that one was critically sharp on the front face of the tomb, the other on the signage on the fence.
I used CS6's focus-stacking feature to combine them into one.
Had I planned it I might have taken a third shot focussed on the porch so as to get the distant sign sharp too.


Each of the blended layers revealed before merging.




This is the fence and signage at 100% (18in x 12in print) with no sharpening. The manufacturer's name 'Beaver' is readable, if only just, on the small sign.













Monument from the Great Plague epidemic of 1665 now set in the wall of the church hall.

I don't think this is as sharp as it should be. The issue being image stabilisation (or lack thereof - i.e. my inability to hold the awkward camera still).











Detail at 100% with Local Contrast Enhancement applied and Smart Sharpening 100% 1.2px.

(18in x12in print @ 300dpi)













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