The Fellsphoto Vintage 6x6 Gallery

Kershaw Curlew III with TTH Roytal lens


I owned one of these for just a week in 1968, having paid 12 for it (i.e. a week's wages). I used just one film. Lens test chart revealed why nothing was sharp: not circles of confusion but ellipses of confusion. I returned it to the shop and came away with a Zeiss-Ikon Nettar for 7 and a refund.

This is the one good photograph I took with it:



I now know that Kershaw cameras were made in Leeds from 1948-50. The proprietors were 'twitchers' and so named their cameras after birds. Their top of their 6x9 range Curlew III was to have a Taylor Hobson f/3.5 lens in Talykron nine speed synchronised shutter. Initially the Model III cost 32 14s. 7d  including tax, reduced to 28 13s. 4d in 1950.

32/14/7 in 1948 is equivalent to 860 in 2007 by RPI, 2624 compared to average earnings. 28 in 1950 is equivalent to 691 in 2007 by RPI, 2050 compared to average earnings.

 By 1960 the range had been discontinued and some estimates of production numbers are as low as 200 (a figure thought to be unlikely). All of the Kershaw cameras are unusual while the Curlew III and Peregrine III cameras are very rare. Which is why this Peregine 6x6 sold for 385 on ebay Sept 06, 2006:

Oops! Big mistake returning mine!!!