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sunset from Skiddaw summit


Sunset from Skiddaw Oct 5th 2009 at around 17:15 hrs

With the car left at the Latrigg car park we were committed to return that way. We walked and ran as fast as we could and got as far as Jenkin Hill in the twilight where we were rewarded by the sight of Keswick's street lights set against the darkening landscape until finally the last of the red sky faded behind Sale Fell. From then on, with no moon, we had to finish the steep descent to the Latrigg in total darkness.

Moral: don't try this without adequate torches. And descending to Mill Beck (half the distance) would make for a reasonable chance of getting down before total blackout.



How this photograph was made

not quite HDR (High Dynamic Range) but the principal's the same


The initial scan of the transparency.
This is what you would get with any normal photograph, film or digital.
Adjusting the levels shows that there's no image information in the dark areas. 
A second scan was taken with the levels adjusted on the scanner to show the foreground.
In Photoshop the two scans are layered and accurately aligned, then, ....... ........ where appropriate, the top layer is erased to reveal the foreground.
(select layer 2 and the Eraser tool, not History brush)



enlargement detail: sun and clouds

enlargement detail of the clouds (35" print)


detail of wind turbines on shoreline

enlargement detail of the shoreline


The spit of land is south side of the River Derwent where it enters the sea at Workington. The faint outlines of the line of wind turbines along the shore at Siddick can be seen. (70" print equivalent)

the Workington Siddick coast with its 17 wind turbines cirlced



the Coast at Siddick showing 7 of the wind turbines

close up of 7 of the 16 Siddick wind turbines


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