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late model Solida IIR with Ennagon lens and EV scale 

1957 Franka Solida IIR with  f3.5 75mm Ennagon lens

Lens serial number 502371.  Lack of Enna serial number dates makes accurate dating impossible so the year is approximate.

The Radionar on my Rolfix with EV has an Oct. 1956 serial number. So, it looks like this feature was introduced in the latter half of 1956.

The advert below, from 1957, shows the camera. Clearly EV scales, coupling shutter and aperture, were the innovation for 1957.



1957 advert for Solida IIR

30/12/6d is equivalent to 1464 when compared to 2010 average earnings.

(575 compared by RPI)


Here we see it alongside the earlier 1954 model with its two rangefinder windows. The higher top of the later model to accommodate the larger viewfinder is obvious.



Top view of the two models.

There was an intermediate stage of development with the large viewfinder and new style top and rangefinder but with the old style Ennagon lens without EV.

see it here:  thumbnail: Solida IIE Mk2 with Ennagon lens: link to RaulM photos  and photos taken with it here








as yet no photographs have been taken with this camera

in the meantime you can see Raul M of Portugal's excellent pictures here


Solida IIR fitted with S-K Xenar lens

The camera fitted with the Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar lens s/n 5069247 = Mar 1957

(the rangefinder on this example does not work)

for pictures taken with the Xenar lens see here

Home  >  Franka Collection  >  Solida IIR Mk2 with Ennagon lens