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1952 Rolfix II with f3.5 Rodenstock Trinar lens and Synchro-Compur shutter


1952 Franka Rolfix II with Rodenstock Trinar lens

the Rodenstock lens serial number 2575168 dates the camera to April 1952 (see table below)

this is the same production date as the lens fitted to my other Rolfix II with its enclosed 'direct' viewfinder, so giving an accurate date for the changeover

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There's that well-known old English saying: "You wait ages for a bus and then three come along at once."

Or, as in my case, you wait for years to get a Rolfix and two come along at once - well, almost. 2010: the Rolfix I on 19th Aug; the Rolfix II on 22th Sept.

And this one, with the lens I really wanted, being the 'II' with the Rodenstock Trinar lens: 

this 1952 Rolfix II as seen on ebay

Rolfix II with  Rodenstock Trinar lens as seen listed on ebay by Americana Peddlars of Warren, Michigan: 

"This item is a vintage Franka Montgomery Wards Rolfix II F 3.5 105MM Camera with original instruction booklet. The camera uses 120 mm film. All aspects of the camera are working great. The camera is in excellent condition. The camera was manufactured in the U.S. Zone Germany probably in the early 1950's. The box worn with several stains on the top."

table of Rodenstock serial numbers 1952-54


The above is a table of interpolated Rodenstock lens serial numbers. The pink numbers are found in known tables. All the others have been calculated on the assumption that daily (and so monthly) production was constant. Of course, if it was not, and we have no way of being certain that it was, then the table can only be taken as approximate.

In the current state of knowledge it's a useful guide.



1952 Franka Rolfix II with Rodenstock Trinar lens from above


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As yet no photographs have been taken with this camera.

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