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Rolfix II with f3.5 Rodenstock Trinar lens and Synchro-Compur shutter

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Franka Rolfix II with Rodenstock lens


Rodenstock lens s//n 2576604 dates the camera to April 1952 production


link: poppies amongst oil seed rape link : signpost, drain and poppy field link : foxgloves on Swinside top - view over Newlands Valley link : view over roof to Latrigg from Thornthwaite
 poppies amongst oil seed rape  St Wendreda's signpost and the poppy field  Swinside top : view over Newlands Valley  Latrigg from Thornthwaite


link : St Bees beach : horses galloping link : St Bees Beach : rockpool link : border collies Bess and Cassie lying on the lawn
 galloping on St Bees beach  St Bees beach and headland  Bess and Cassie


link: poppies amongst oil seed rape (B&W)

poppies amongst oil seed rape (B+W)


Rolfix II Mk2 with Trinar lens 


If the Rolfix II with its Trinar lens is uncommon, then the rangefinder version must be considered rare. As yet I do not have one, and have only ever seen two for sale on ebay.

One in excellent condition sold several years ago to Jurgen Kreckel (certo6) for 82. This one from Poland, listed Dec 2011, was offered for the exceedingly optimistic Buy-It-Now price of $250/187.

(Not surprisingly it did not sell!) 

Rolfix IIE (rangefinder version) 

Rodenstock s/n 2598349 dates this example to May 1952 


tri-colour collie Gael     

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