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Agfa Isolette II - three-quarter view   cross-section diagram of the Agfa Apotar lens close-up of Agfa Isolette II Apotar lens with Prontor-SV shuuter
Agfa Isolette II with 85mm f4.5 Apotar lens and 8 speed Prontor-SV shutter


two Afga Isolette II's, one with a plastic bellows Agfa Isolette II viewing from in front close up of Agfa Isolette II Apotar lens and Prontor-SVS shutter

the two types of bellows - the top at one has the Agfa problem - shiny plastic which cracks to produce pin-holes in its corners

costing 14 18s 9d in 1958 that's equivalent to 260 in 2009 using RPI . However, compared to today's average earnings that's 659.

the last-of-the-line Prontor SVS shutter, introduced in 1954, is obvious due to the sideways placement of the flash connector



New Forest watering hole Hartsop Dodd from Cow Bridge



link: Wasdale Head panorama  
Wastwater and Wasdale Head Ullswater


 These panoramas were produced by merging 4 photographs to make an 18" x 198.5" print.


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Agfa and Ansco Medium Format Folders: a practical view

describes this development:

1950 anti-reflective coating

1950-53 Prontor-S

1952 Synchro-Compur MX

1954 Prontor-SVS

1956 series II - leather bellows

1956 Synchro-Compur MXV


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