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"We do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our hearts and mind."  Arnold Newman


Classic 6x6 Folding Cameras of the 1950's

 new addition July 09 with 4 stunning photos:     Franka Solida III with Rodenstock Trinar lens


Adox Golf III with f3.5 Steinheil Cassar lens

Zeiss Ikon Nettar with f4.5 Novar lens
Franka Solida IIL with f3.5 Xenar lens
Franka Solida III with f2.9 Radionar lens
Adox Golf III, f4.5 Steinheil Cassar lens 1957 Zeiss Ikon Nettar, f4.5 Novar lens 1955 Franka Solida IIL, f3.5 Xenar lens 1955 Franka Solida III, f2.9 Radionar lens
(7 photos) (30 photos) (14 photos) (5 photos + 2 panoramas



Agfa Isolette I with 85mm f4.5 Agnar lens

Agfa Isolette I (Agnar lens) Agfa Isolette II (Apotar lens) Agfa Isolette II (Solinar lens)  Kershaw Curlew III
(1 photo) (3 panoramic photos) (4 photos + 1 panorama) (1 photo)


 Gael sitting watching you

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