The Appletree Cottage Dog Pack



'95 ~ on the bridleway: Shep practising his herding skills on Moss

Where we walked:


Over 4km of tracks and bridleways within easy reach where dogs can be safely run off lead.

Dashed line is the old railway line, now a bridleway. We would park where it cuts the yellow drove road and either walk 1km south or do the 2km round going north to Barker's Lane (with the red crosses) then back along the tracks over Stow Fen.


The farm tracks looking south from the Barker's Lane end.

As they were seen to be well trained and did not charge about in the crops the farmer gave us permission to walk his land.

Aged Moss plodding up the track.

When he got old and topply we would park at the far end of the drove road and walk up and down the farmer's tracks.


South end of the farm tracks, close to where car would be parked. Moss needing a helping hand to keep going!


Had enough today!


Shep out with the Boss all to himself.



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