August '92 ~ on the Stag's Holt road




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The story behind the pictures:

Wanting to test my new camera's autofocus ability to cope with running dogs I took it along on our daily walk.

I never normally shoot b&w but, wanting instant results, I used a old roll of monochrome film and developed it that evening. Regretfully, as it turned out, I took inadequate care with the processing and the resulting film has many faults.  However, it did prove that Canon's 'predictive autofocus' couldn't predict fast enough to keep up with collies!

 Eighteen out of thirty six pictures were blurred. Most of the others, for one reason or another, weren't so good either. However, despite the technical problems, these six pictures are brilliant, even if they're not as sharp as they should be! And that's the only record of Moss' threat display ever taken.

Why they were being so co-operative and having so much fun running around that day I do not know. I tried to do the shoot again with colour film with no success. So I'll just have to be thankful for what I've got.

Just wish I'd been using colour!

(As for the haircut ...... months earlier, in a scrap on this road, Shep had grabbed Moss's head, then been driven into by an impatient motorist trying to push them aside, causing a tear in his scalp. The vet, instead of just sewing him up, shaved the whole of the top of his head. By this stage it had only just begun to grow back and hide the bald patch.)


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