July 1990 ~ Nov 2002

May '95 ~ 4 years old

Son of Craig Royale, farm dog at the local BC rescue, and Bett, rescued from an abusing farmer in Yorkshire.

He should have been double registered but the abuser refused to hand over Bett's papers.


first outing along the Stag's Holt road


Mummy and Daddy pay a call!


Dec '91 ~ 18 mths


Dec '91 ~ on the Stags Holt riverbank


'91 - teaching Becky to herd sheep


Aug '92 ~ 1 year old and already playing Scrabble!


'93 ~ by the River Nene


2 yrs old



Mar '95 ~ 4 years


Nov '01 (10 yrs) ~ ball games in St Wendreda's Churchyard

Shep was an eternal puppy. All he ever wanted to do was play!

Sadly, in November 2002, he contracted an appalling virus which wiped him out overnight. He was only 12. By rights he should have outlived the others and been with us for three or four more years.


July '02 (11 yrs) ~ on the farm track, Stow Fen


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