Jan 4th 1987 ~ March 26th 2002

Granddaughter of Julie Deptford's National Trials winner Meg of the early '80s


'90 ~ on Ferry Nab, Windermere ~ 3 yrs old


Dec '91 ~ 4 yrs


'93 ~ agility training


May '95 ~ here we're in the shower because we're smeared all over with duck droppings!

A fun thing she would try to do every day. This time she'd been all too successful and managed both sides all over.

When it's this bad the only solution is to take ones clothes off and get in there with her and deal with the problem!

(Once wet she will shake herself, so splattering liquid duck droppings over everything.)


May '95 ~ 8 yrs


in St Wendreda's churchyard



Megan would round up a flock of sheep by putting her head round the gate.

Her 'problem with sheep' was that she needed to work them from 100 yds back!

A rare dog with the courage to go down between a flock and a fence and so push them out.




May '95 ~ the ace frisby catcher




'98 ~ pool toys and apple bobbing


'99 ~ 12 yrs ~ cooling off after the walk (eyes shut!)


May '95 ~ 8 yrs

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