The Appletree Cottage Dog Pack









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And before the sheepdog pack there was Tammy:


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Where we walked: 




          walkies by the river on the Stag's Holt road before we moved to Appletree Cottage


Working sheepdogs: warning off the garbage collectors!


Some people just won't get out of bed on a morning no matter how many of us come and jump on her!


Holidays in the hills:


on Pike O'Blisco summit, Lake District '91

Moss's first time in the hills ~ anxious about the whole experience and so very clingy


Aug '92: en route to Alcock Tarn - looking down on Grasmere


negotiating a gate by Alcock Tarn


Coire Cas, descending Cairngorm '98



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....... and before the sheepdog pack there was Tammy .......


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