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9th Feb 08  ~  turning back at the end of our 2 mile walk with lots of barking and a Blisstic finish  (11.5Mb/50secs@2Gb/sec)



9th Feb 08  ~  by-passing the big puddle on the way back  (6Mb/26secs@2Gb/sec)



12th Feb 08  ~  a visit to Cassie's favourite swimming hole, a culvert under the track  (13Mb/56secs@2Gb/sec)



26th Feb 08  ~  far end of walk again - another ballistic finish  (12.8Mb/52secs@2Gb/sec)



26th Feb 08  ~  what the boss has to put up with  (12Mb/50secs@2Gb/sec)


7th Aug 08 ~ after paddling in her favourite culvert .......

......... Cassie enjoys roll in the grass  (8.3Mb)