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Here he is on Catseyecam, May 21st 2004, two days before I was born.



March 2005  ~  10 months old now (me, that is ....... he's a lot older, or so I'm told!)


the photographer's new assistant at work


May 2006 and two years old. Here we are in Force 6/7 winds on Raise.

You can see here how I'm trained to guard the sack while he does whatever it is he's doing.

Ah well ...... time for a nap!

~ ~ ~


Gael with the boss in tweed breeches on Barrow, Lake District


November 2006, and here we are on the top of Barrow, near Keswick, in the Lake District

He's dressed in traditional mountaineering attire: tweed breeches and a woolly hat, no doubt trying to emulate Uncle WAP (mountain photographer Walt Poucher).

Well, it is late November, blowing a gale (again!) and as cold as it looks.