My Diary ~ July 2006 (2 yrs 2 mths)


we've been told to enjoy the field of new mown hay while we can  ~   they say it's going to be built on soon



caught sight of collie-neighbours Caley and Jody coming into field



watching them



through the hedge and into the far field and we find a sea of daisies






resting in the heat



evening: helping with the gardening out front



a favourite shady spot under the lavatera


just because it's hot doesn't mean frisbee play stops!






18th July  ~  walk in Ferrymeadows Country Park, Peterborough


        these are the greylag geese I've just herded into the water



some shade from the concrete art work by the lake:  'Pyramid' by John Maine, 1980









30oC in the house  ~  so this is the only place for a dog to lie




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