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Wednesday 6th August, 2008:

Due to her owners' health issues, Cassie came to live permanently with Gael.

Monday 20th April, 2009:

Gael had suffered from epilepsy for three years. Nevertheless, what follows was all the more shocking because she'd been alert, fit, active and seizure free since being speyed in November.

At 12:35 on Easter Monday, 2009, she suffered the first of a week of intermittent seizures, first subsiding, then getting worse until, on the morning of Monday 20th at 8 o'clock, she went into one from which she never recovered. Sadly, but inevitably, she had to be 'put to sleep' sometime around 10 a.m. that morning. She was four years eleven months old.

She is now buried under the apple tree. Moss, Megan and Shep's ashes were buried with her.

So ended the short but extraordinary life of our happy little friend.

Saturday January 9th 2010:

Nine months after Gael passed away.....

new arrival Bess

..... Bess has come to live with us.

see Bess Meadowfarm on Facebook

her and Cassie's new website will follow as soon as possible




(including Cassie's first expedition to the Lake District to meet sheep)
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